Heat levels

Evaniida candles come in 2 versions. Heat wise, one is made for beginners, whilst the other will burn at a higher heat, giving more intense sensation.

Version 1. Massage oil candle / Beginner level:  recommended for people with no prior experience of wax, sensation or edge play. This candle is made for massage and sensual play. The oil-based massage wax feels like droplets (or a trickle) of warm oil, and can be used as a massage oil. Perfect for those who prefer a pleasurable and still exciting warmth, rather than an intense sensation. A great option for first forays into wax play.


Version 2. Wax play candle / Entry level wax play: recommended for people with some experience in either wax, sensation or edge play, or those who are confident in their heat/intense sensation tolerance. This candle is made for sensation/temperature and edge play. Wax play candle wax creates a more hardened texture on the skin. A great option for first steps into more intense sensation play.