EVANIIDA -- Blue intermediate

£25.00 GBP - £30.00 GBP

This candle will burn at a higher heat, giving more intense sensation.
Recommended for people with some experience in either wax, sensation or edge play, or those who are confident in their heat/intense sensation tolerance. This candle is made for sensation/temperature and edge play. Wax play candle wax creates a more hardened texture on the skin. A great option for first steps into more intense sensation play.

More information about Heat level

Wax play composition : Natural soy wax (C3 skin safe). No added scent / 2.5% of natural dye for the dark-blue version. Melting temperature 51-55° Celsius. Height : 18cm

What’s in the box:
Each candle are numbered and delivered inside an elegant gift box/container, with a small zine full of advices (20 pages).

It can also be purchase as combo with the zine To the alien worm lover I fantasize about.

More information about Preparation & Drips techniques